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Accredited Training Provider

We are an accredited training provider for:
 • Environmental Cleaning Courses
• Workplace Safety & Health Courses
• Caregivers Training Courses

These training courses are recognised by the respective government agencies such as Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA),    Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and National Resuscitation Council (NRC).

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Training Management Record

We value add by keeping track of your training records. 

Companies can now monitor the training history and plan for future skills upgrade for their employees.

Drop us a line whenever you need your staff training records and we will provide the information to you.



WSQ Environmental Cleaning

Impart practical skills and knowledge for your workers who do not have academic qualifications. As your employees become more productive, your business will be able to adapt to changes and be able stay competitive with constantly developing landscape and improved living standards in Singapore. 

Let your employees acquire the right training skills and achieve the better returns on your training investment.


Training Progressive Pathway


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Workplace Safety and Health

Every business owner is responsible for the safety at work. It is important that your business sets the right direction on how safe practices should be implemented, documented, practiced and have continuous improvements. 

Every stakeholder of the organisation holds a different responsibility to ensure safety at the workplace. Let us recommend the right safety course for you and your team to embark on.


bizSAFE Courses

Take the bizSAFE five-step programme to build up the WSH capabilities to ensure that you improve and maintain the safety and health standards at your workplace. Companies in the bizSAFE community can proudly display the bizSAFE logo on your business collaterals (eg name cards, business letterheads etc) to show other business partners on your commitment to safety.

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MOM WSH Courses

Recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) under the ISO 29990:2010 for Learning Service Providers, we provide you with a wider array of certified workplace safety and health courses to choose from.



Caregiver Training

We understand that to an average Singaporean, striking a balance between providing appropriate healthcare functions for their elderly parents and the cost associated is often a difficult decision.

Accredited by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), we provide caregiver training course to family members or foreign domestic workers who are the main caregivers to a care recipient aged 65 years and above or have disability (as certified by a Singapore-registered doctor).  Our courses are designed to impart important care techniques and practical tips on how one can create and provide a healthy environment for their care recipient in their home.

Training grants are available to eligible Singaporeans and Permanent residents.  We are able to assist and advise on the grant application process.